April 2, 2014

New video – Phantom & I (ft. Mikael Hunter)

Check out our new video for “Phantom & I” ft. Mikael Hunter
(of UK metallers Rising Tide)

The video was filmed at Austurbær (Reykjavik, Iceland)
on the 13th of February 2014.

film: Jón Karl (steady camera) & Ingólfur Ólafsson (moving camera)
lights: Örn Ingólfsson
pre-edit: Ragnar Ólafsson “R2″
editing: Ragnar Zolberg

March 16, 2014

New Single “When You Can’t See the Glow” Featuring Lay Low

Our new single “When You Can’t See the Glow ft. Lay Low” is out on reverbnation.com/signiceland (see widget on the right)

The song is also in radio play at Ras2 (Icelandic national radio) and on March the 20th it’s hitting the national radio station in The Faroe Islands.

This song is a duet between Ragnar & the Icelandic singer/songwriter Lay Low.

Lay Low  released her 4th LP album “Talking About the Weather” late last year. see www.laylow.is

Hopefully more radio stations will pick up on this song but in the meantime we have “With the Stars” at #4 on the top 20 list of X-ið 977 (Icelandic rock radio)


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March 2, 2014

With Pain of Salvation as frontman

After our release concert I went straight on to play with Pain of Salvation on the “Proggresive Nation at sea”. A festival that took place between Miami and the Bahamas.

There I stepped in Daniel Gildenlöw’s shoes and performed as the lead singer of the band (due to unfortunate and uncontrollable situations Daniel was not able to be there)

That was truly a great honor and I am very thankful for his request. In the same manner, I am very greatful towards the fans who really supported this decision. To all of you who came out to see us, thank you guys so much for helping us making these shows something I will remember for the rest of my life!

Lets all send our best to Daniel and his family, may he get better soon….I’m starting to miss those guys


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February 20, 2014

The release Concert is behind us!

Big thanks to everyone who showed up at Austurbær for our release concert! You guys managed to fill the house, form a mosh pit and sing louder than any audience has ever done in that theater! You guys helped making this one of our favorite Sign gigs of all time.

Also, warm thanks to the great people who made the show and everything behind it possible! (don’t wanna drop names here ’cause I will most likely forget someone)


Ragnar Zolberg




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January 27, 2014

Special Release Concert on the 13th of Feb.


Ticket sale / Miðasal hafinn á: http://midi.is/tonleikar/1/8071/

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January 21, 2014

The release concert for Hermd will be held at Austurbær, Reykjavik on the 13th of Feb.
Ticket sales start tomorrow (Wednesday 22th of Jan) on www.midi.is

We’re very excited about the event, we’ll have a lot of people on stage to deliver the entire album!
You’ll be sory if you miss..
the band:
Ragnar Zolberg – guitar, vocals
Arnar Grétarsson – guitar
Hálfdán Árnason – bass, vocals
Ragnar Ólafsson – keyboards, vocals
Agnar Friðbertsson – keyboards, guitar, vocals
Heimir Ólafur Hjartarson – bass, vocals
Hrafnkell Örn – drums
Leo Margarit – drums
Mikael Hunter – vocals

plus more…

Jæja gott fólk!
Hermd útgáfutónleikarnir verða í Austurbæ Fimtudaginn 13. feb. Þetta verða mjög stórir tónleikar og munum við fá nokkra hel flotta gesti til liðs við okkur.

Mælum ekki með því að fólk missi af þessu

Miðasala hefst á morgun (Miðvikudaginn 22. jan) á www.midi.is


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January 5, 2014

New “BUY CD” Section

We’ve been getting a lot of requests via facebook and email from people looking for ways to buy our new album “Hermd”

So we put up a shopping cart here under the “BUY CD” section where you can buy “Hermd”, “The Hope” and the Ragnar Sólberg solo album “The Circle” and get it delivered to your doorstep!

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December 8, 2013

Hermd has already been emptied in some stocks

Hermd er nú þegar uppseld á vef lager Elko. Byrjar vel!

Hermd is already sold out in one of the biggest net stores in Iceland….

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December 6, 2013

Hermd komin út

Gott fólk! Þá er komið að því að fimmta breiðskífan okkar “Hermd” er komin í búðir. Eftir þriggja ára vinnu í 4 mismunandi löndum er afurðin loxins tilbúin og við gætum ekki verið stoltari!

Til að fagna þessum áfanga og jólunum ætlum við að bjóða upp á fría niðurhalningu af nýju jólalagi sem heitir “Aðfangadagur Dauða Míns”. Lagið er í nýrri útsetningu Sign en vísan sjálf er ævagömul og næstum því alveg gleymd.

nánari tilkynningar koma síðar…


Our album is finally available in Icelandic stores, after 3 years of working on it in 4 different countries the product is finally complete.

To celebrate this and christmas in general we have decided to put our new x-mas song up for a free download. The name of the song translates roughly to: “Christmas day of my death” or “The day before my death” (depending on how you read into it) and it is a very old traditional song that hardly no-one knows today.

more details coming very soon…

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December 5, 2013

Hermd útgáfudagur

Hermd, fimmta breiðskífa hljómsveitarinnar Sign kemur í búðir Föstudaginn 6. des!

Hermd, Sign’s fifth studio album will hit the Icelandic stores on Friday the 6th of December!

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